April is Donate Life month

Register to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor.  This link is for the Iowa donor registry.

And talk to your family about your decision.

Also, please note, I hear this all the time: I’m in poor health, I can’t donate. I have diabetes, I can’t donate. You might be able to donate anyway. It doesn’t hurt you to register. My mom lived her whole live thinking she couldn’t donate organs because of her Type I diabetes. And, true, getting her kidneys or pancreas or heart would not have been any great gift. But she died not realizing that she could still give someone the gift of sight. Though she could barely see, her corneas were still fine. And they helped someone else to see. She lived her whole life afraid of going blind from the diabetes. I can’t imagine the joy she would have experienced had she known that she was able to help free someone else from that fear.

So don’t assume you can’t donate anything just because you can’t donate everything. You won’t be using your organs, tissues, or eyes after you die, but someone else could.


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