More Random Updates

– Dr. Brophy said if his labs remain as they are (BUN is 36!!! Another record low. And Creat is 1.6, which I’d have to check, but that might also be a record low.) then we will NOT be starting dialysis.

– A note. His labs are so low because he’s on a LOT of IV fluid and he’s also taking food by mouth/tube. They are artificially low.

– Dr Brophy said when he has a chance to talk to The Maker, he’ll be bringing up Teddy’s situation. That was touching. And, yeah. ME TOO. (He was talking about giving a kid kidney failure and then making it so hard to keep good access. I’m of course talking about the kidney failure itself. This is NO FAIR.)

– The surgeon is very not happy about putting the PD catheter where he did. Pictures when he’s less miserable, but he said Teddy’s got a small belly, and it’s already got a lot of features. He didn’t have too many options, and he also wanted to put it in in such a way that would make it less likely to move around again. He said this particular placement may be uncomfortable until he gets used to it. Hm.

– He also said he placed the port catheter deeper, in hopes it won’t flip around again. He said that deeper placement carries its own risks, so we’ll be on the lookout for those. (His first Broviac was placed deep, and ended up migrating into his tricuspid, so we’ve been down the Too Deep road before…)

– His literal words to me (spoken with a thick German accent) “I hope this works.” Again, me too.

One thing I like about the ped surgeons here, and we’ve worked with all three, is that they’re not assholes. I mean, surgeons tend to be pretty full of themselves, and actually, that’s not a bad feature in a surgeon. Confident. These guys are very humble, soft spoken. Dr. Shilyansky, the chief surgeon, is like a big teddy bear. Dr. Pitcher is just a super nice older German guy. Shaaban, I don’t remember too much. He did one of Teddy’s NICU surgeries, but I don’t recall that I didn’t like him, so he must’ve been OK.

And a note about God and His Plans. I wish T didn’t have to have another surgery, but…

– the high BUN caused us to discover the PD Catheter wasn’t working.

– The not working catheter caused then to hold off on dialysis.

– we were able to discover the nonworking catheter on a nonemergency basis.

all good.


One thought on “More Random Updates

  1. Sorry I got behind on these posts. Thought I had subscribed by email, but apparently not. I have now!
    Love that your surgeons aren’t assholes. Ours was a bit at first, but he’s awesome now. Love him.
    And isn’t it awesome how God orchestrates things? We have been amazed at how God has done things *just* so to bring about certain outcomes. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the story of Evie’s name, but every time I read it, I’m amazed at how GOD named her and we just stumbled upon the name, bit by bit. That always gives me confidence that He’ll care for her.

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