Surgery #7 today

Fortunately, it’s just surgery #7 and not Surgery #7 with #8 to come. Hopefully, anyway.

This morning was somewhat of a whirlwind of confusion, but it became quickly apparent that, though we were told NPO and he’d have surgery sometime today, nobody knew what the plan was because there was no plan. I told our nurse (who looks like Amy Adams) that if they were fixing the PD cath in the OR, then they needed to do the Port at the same time. I was not taking no for an answer. I think I said “I have spoken.” Seriously. Period. We’re doing them both.

And so she promptly called whomever and told them Mom Wants The Port Taken Care Of Too. She got back a response that it might not be possible, but ultimately they worked it out.

So… the plan is to fix the port (hopefully, just guiding the tip back to where it belongs. Possibly replacing it entirely) and then fix the PD catheter (hopefully, just guiding it back to where it goes laproscopically, otherwise with an open procedure, otherwise they’ll pull it and replace it entirely). 2 hours.

His BUN came down to mid 40s today, but apparently, no decision has been made about dialysis. That has me curious. I’d like to get him off the IV fluid and back to just his regular feeds and give it a day or two (convenient – we’re coming up on a weekend) and see what his labs do before making any overly hasty decisions. But they might be thinking things I haven’t thought about. In fact, I hope they are because they have big fancy diplomas and I pay them good money to think of things I haven’t…

They came to get him around 7:30 pm (he’d been NPO since 9 or so, then when they decided he wouldn’t go back until after 4, I requested and received permission to feed him until noon. Still, that was one hungry baby.


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