Greetings from Sunny U of Iowa Children’s Hospital, USA!

2012-03-29 10.52.58

Yes, that’s right, here we are again. I think Teddy likes the nurses or something, I don’t know. Poor kid. He has puked extensively for the past week – waaaay more than his usual – and he’s been crying and whimpering almost constantly. At one point, I estimated he was puking just over half of what he was eating. The good news was that he was eating like crazy, so he was still getting a decent amount. Our doctors decided to wait and see what things looked like on Weds at our regular clinic appointment. We were kind of already waiting to see what things were like, since his BUN had taken a pretty decent jump the week before (which is bad).

And I was expecting it to be high. And I was expecting to stay. But I was expecting like 70 or something. It was 98. Holy schmoly! (creatinine 1.9, which is up-ish, but not overly high for him, and all of his other labs look great.)

So we’re here again. IV fluids all night to see if that brings it back down. I’m honestly not sure right now what the scenarios are. Yesterday afternoon, Dr. Jetton seemed hopeful that IV fluids would bring it back down and we’d be good, and go back to waiting for the next bad thing to happen. Dr. Brophy, when we saw him, didn’t think the IV fluids would make a difference and we’d start dialysis today.

His evening labs showed BUN down to 84, creatinine down to 1.7. Waiting to hear AM lab results.

I tend to want to believe Dr. Jetton’s prediction (of course), but not just because I don’t want to start dialysis – Dr. Brophy has predicted twice now that dialysis is just impending. When we left the NICU Dec 23, he said we’d be back in less than a month. It’s been three months since then. He could just as easily be wrong this time. Teddy seems determined to stay off dialysis.

At the same time, I’ve really let myself relax in the anxiety department, and have started to actually believe that we could make it for a while without dialysis. I mean, I was starting to picture our annual Okoboji trip in June sans dialysis supplies. I was thinking about actually being able to camp in a tent this summer! (not possible on dialysis) And I should know better, because Every. Single. Time. I’ve let myself start believing stuff like that, reality comes slamming back in a most unwelcome fashion.

2012-03-28 09.40.00

He also got two more Xrays yesterday – chest Xray showed port still positioned terribly and stomach Xray showed his PD catheter pushed up high in his abdomen, and what they think was a digestive system all full of poop, which would explain his puking and crying and tummy-upset-ness.


2012-03-28 07.24.07

I took this on the drive in yesterday. He woke up and just looked at me like “hey, man. What’s up?”  (yes, I’ve started putting him in the passenger seat for our Iowa City drives. He just cries and cries in the back by himself, and it’s a very stressful trip. I might be willing to do that once in a while, but I just couldn’t do it every week any more.) (um, and yes, I took a picture of him while driving. There was also an unmarked trooper car behind me.)


One thought on “Greetings from Sunny U of Iowa Children’s Hospital, USA!

  1. What a sweet baby boy….a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do, doesn’t help anyone if everyone is stressed to the max. I am lucky that my hubby can come with to our appointments because J does not ride well in the car. Prays and hugs.

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