Clinic visit yesterday

Yesterday, we had a clinic visit. Teddy needed an iron infusion and we also had our weekly checkup with the nephrology team. It was also the first time we accessed his new port.

And it didn’t go great. They could flush the port, but couldn’t draw from it, and the infusion kept getting occluded, as well. It just didn’t go super great. They put some TPA in the port (which breaks up fibrin, in case his body had grown fibrin over the port tubing that was blocking it) and were eventually able to get his labs drawn, but it didn’t go as planned at ALL and included a lot of discomfort and crying on Teddy’s part, poor thing.

His labs are OK. BUN creeping back up (38 when we were discharged on Friday, 44 now), hemoglobin and iron stores still really low.

We go back next week for another attempt at using the port. If it doesn’t go well, then he’s scheduled for a line study to make sure it’s in the right place. If it’s not in the right place, that will likely mean another surgery to fix it. sigh.


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