Oh, hospitals.

So this morning, we got the page that peds surg would NOT be coming to talk to me because they hadn’t gotten orders from our Nephrologist about the surgery. Well, she was waiting on that until they came to talk to me…

So we got that worked out.

Otolaryngology cannot get someone up to do the ABR hearing test while he’s sedated for his surgery. Which sucks, but it’s OK. I said all along I would be fine if the answer was “no,” but I didn’t want it to be “oops, we forgot to ask.” They did finally get someone from otolaryngology on the phone, but they just basically said no.

And then there’s the whole issue of what to do about our previously scheduled outpatient followup from surgery #1, on his nephrostomy (pyleoplasty, actually, if you want to use the fancy pants words). Apparently, just walking ourselves across the hall (literally) to peds radiology for the ultrasound and then down one floor for our appt with the Dr. is more complex than it would initially seem. If we’re inpatient, we can’t do outpatient appts. sigh.

We’re finding we’re stuck in the middle of some sort of policy change here at the hospital. Coordinating between departments used to be no big deal, but suddenly it is. Some sort of manpower issue. I don’t quite understand the problem. I respect that they’re trying to do their best to provide good patient care, and it’s a balance between the needs of inpatient folks and outpatient folks. But still. It kinda sucks.

BUT we do finally have a plan. Surgery tomorrow (Weds) 7:15 am to put in a port-a-cath. wahoo.


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