hospital bottle

Got curious today. Two different people have asked me in the past 24 hours if Teddy is a “good eater.”

According to, the average baby 1-6 months eats approx 570-900 ml per day.

Teddy currently takes in 105 ml in each of 3 day parts, then 250 overnight. 565 ml total. And that’s an increase as of mid-week last week, he was at 95/95/95/200.

The most he has ever taken in by mouth was two days about 3 weeks ago, when he ate 80 ml in each of the three day parts, and about 20 overnight. 260 ml. That’s his record.

So I can quantitatively say that no, he is not a “good eater.”

Subjectively, I can also tell you that he gags on his bottle consistently, nurses for a max of 3 minutes at a time, and generally is losing interest in food at a steady rate.


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