new plan, sort of


This morning, we got our first negative blood culture. So that means yesterday’s blood draw was the first to not show infection. Normally, that would mean 7 days of IV antibiotics, then home.


Last night, a) he got a rash that probably was NOT a drug reaction, but we had to be cautious in case and b) they discovered a third bug growing in his blood. This third bug was NOT affected by the antibiotics he’d been receiving, so they switched him to Cipro. Then this morning, his IV blew, so we had to pull it. Rather than try to place another IV, because he was already switched to Cipro, which is available orally, he’s going to be taking it orally (or gtube). (which means that as long as he doesn’t get re-infected, we don’t have to stay for the full course, since I can give him oral abx at home.)

Now, normally, they would not give oral abx for a blood infection, but they’re going to see how it goes, since he’s gotten a negative culture. Possibly we can avoid another IV altogether.

The OR is booked up for Monday, so it looks like Tuesday or later for the placement of the new access device, and it’s undecided at this point if they’ll be putting in a Broviac or a Port-a-Cath. Everyone is in favor of the Port, but it depends on what the surgeon things. This morning, Dr. Nestor threw out the possibility of not putting anything back in at all. I think this is Dr Jetton’s preference (at least, I know she doesn’t like the Broviac). Dr. Nestor, however, is in favor of him having an access, and frankly, I am too. He’s going to be getting weekly, or twice weekly, labs for the foreseeable future. She said once he’s established on dialysis, he’ll be down to monthly labs, and then maybe we can pull the line, but for now… that’s just a lot of pokes, and he’s a hard poke, too. And, I’ll admit it. One surgery seems better to me than the ordeal of labs.

So… no thoughts on when we’ll be going home.


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