The last few days, and another surgery

It’s been pretty calm here at the hospital. We have mostly been getting drugs and chillin’. They figured out exactly which bug it was, and then apparently this morning figured out that what Mercy in DM said it was and what the UI lab said it was are two different things, so they’re trying to figure that one out. It’s probably not a big deal.

Yesterday, they took a culture from his blood via a vein, and also a culture through the Broviac, and were able to determine that the infection seems to be clearing from his blood, but not the Broviac. So… this means, pull the Broviac. That’s where he is right now, getting it taken out in the OR (surgery #5).

Then we’ll continue to get antibiotics for a 48 hours, make sure everything stays infection-free, then install another Broviac (that’s #3 for those of you keeping count) on Monday.

Otherwise, things are pretty calm. His Creatinine is holding steady around 1.9 or so. His BUN seems to have leveled out around the mid-50s. Dr. Nestor was saying that’s higher than it was hanging out at, but my records show that it’s been in the mid-50s since January, so I guess I need to clarify that. She said she thinks when it gets to the mid-60s and doesn’t come back down, they’ll want to go ahead and start dialysis. I need to think on that more. I know there’s a lot of nausea and vomiting that tends to come with BUN 70 or higher, but I might see if there is actual harm in waiting to see how HE does. If he’s vomiting, then start, otherwise, hold off? I suppose they probably don’t want to run into a situation where he’s vomiting and dehydrating himself. I trust our nephrologists wholeheartedly, I just need to clarify my thoughts on this one.

It’s probably time to have the “what are the risks” chat with them, too. In some ways, it’s a moot point. We’re going to do it because the alternative is unthinkable. But good information to have, just the same.



2 thoughts on “The last few days, and another surgery

  1. Hang in there! Glad to hear that the infection is clearing.
    I’m going to drop off a box at your place this weekend. Will there be anyone home? I will just leave it on the front porch if everyone is in Iowa City, there’s nothing that will spoil, just some snacks and toddler-friendly food to help out while you are in IC.

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