Technology and its awesomeness

One thing I’m completely loving about UIHC is its use of technology. For one, they use the MyChart system, which means that I can log in to Teddy’s chart online and see past and future appointments, lab results, discharge instructions, prescriptions, notes from any phone call I make to anyone at the U, etc. All in one convenient place. So super nice.

Also, I email and text with both the dialysis team, as well as our nephrologist. It doesn’t always have to be trying to catch a time of day when everyone is free for a phone conversation, and also Dr. Jetton has a preference for written communication when giving detailed information, which is fine with me because then it’s all written out. (Like if she’s decided to change his meds after we’ve left an appt, she’ll send an email so that I have it written out instead of just hearing her verbal instructions and having to take notes.)

I wish more medical institutions would get on board with this!


One thought on “Technology and its awesomeness

  1. I just found your site while looking for someone to do BG velcro repair. I am so sorry to read about Teddy. I am praying for him and your family. You are an amazing mother.


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