Gtube/Feeding set up

For right now, this is what we have set up.

This is the bed where I sleep with Teddy. The pump on the IV stand sits next to the bed. We can sit in the chair together, we can lay in the bed together, or he can sit in the swing. The swing usually doesn’t go too well unless he’s good and asleep.
Gtube Setup

Gtube Setup
This is how I have the machine currently set up. It will be much easier when we don’t have to do elevated, open feeds. Right now, the milk goes in the bag at the top, then thru the tubes to the machine, which doles it out according to the settings I tell it. It comes out of the machine’s tube and actually drips into that syringe that’s in the middle of the picture (with the red hook and loop tape around the top). That syringe is affixed to a chain of plastic rings via a carabiner. I can adjust the height of the syringe by clipping the carabiner to different rings. (it needs to be 18 inches above him.) The milk then runs out of the syringe into a wider tube so it’s vented (stuff can go in and out as needed) and then into his button (the part that’s in him) via what’s called an extension set – just a tube that clicks into the button.

This is the only picture I have of his button at the moment. I will take a better picture of this part of the system in the next few days.


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