Failure to Thrive

I was reading through the notes online from Teddy’s recent hospital stay. He was officially diagnosed as Failure to Thrive. Sigh. I know it’s just part of the kidney failure, but that’s a hard one. Makes me feel like I wasn’t taking good care of my kid. Looking at him now – he looks so much better. His mouth is so much wetter, his lips fuller. He’s not throwing up as much. He keeps his medicine in. What a difference. I’m surprised I didn’t notice before how NOT good he looked. I had noted that he wasn’t eating as well (and that it was becoming a spiral – the less he ate, the less he wanted to/was able to eat), but hadn’t really noticed the drier mouth (it was never really dry, just not as wet), the kind of shrively skin.

I was telling our Nephrologist about this, and she said he had been doing fine, and the week I told them that he seemed to be doing less than fine was the week he first showed weight loss, and the week we decided to do something about it. She certainly didnt’ think I had any reason to be feeling bad about things, and I realize that I really don’t… but… *shrug* I don’t know. I still do.


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