Exciting Night

Saturday evening, I was giving Teddy his last day-segment feeding at around 8 PM and folding laundry at the same time. In that process, teddy, his tubing, the laundry, and me all got tangled up and his button actually popped out of his skin. Um, oops.

So we had to run to the ER. The biggest danger is that the hole will close up. Apparently, they can close up super fast. We have a foley catheter for just this purpose – stick the foley in the hole, tape it in place, run to the ER.

They got a new one, popped it back in, and then because it was so new, they took us down to Xray to take a peek with the contrast dye to make sure it was in correctly.

Less than an hour. Feel like an idiot.

I’m also worried that I’m not venting him enough. I think we’ll pick some time when we’re going to be sitting still for a while that’s between feeds and just vent a bit. See if that helps. When he sneezes or anything, I can hear gas escaping from around the tube. (ew).


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