So we’re going home today.

His second night with the 20cc/hour overnight feed went much better, and his third night (last night) seemed to go fine, too. His labs continue to be stable – they’re not going down like they had been, but they’re not going up, either. Creatinine hovers 1.9/2.2, BUN in the upper 30’s/lower 40’s. Electrolytes generally good. The main concern, lab-wise, is his hemoglobin. It dropped to 7.5 after surgery, and is now 7.2, even after an aranesp shot.

They were planning to keep us here until Monday or Tuesday to continue to keep an eye on him, then Dr. Jetton figured, heck, why not let us go home and they’ll check back with us in a few days. He’s stable enough to go several days without being poked or prodded, and actually not being poked will probably help his hemoglobin.

So… home we go. We have to meet home health at home to get the pump for the feeding tube and learn how to use it, and then get that all set up, but I think I can do it. The G-tube nurse stopped by this morning to see if I had any questions and I really didn’t, but now that we’re leaving today and I have to do this all on my own… she’s going to squeeze in a visit between morning clinic and afternoon clinic and I’m afraid she’s giving up her lunch for us.

We will be coming back on Monday, and there’s always a possibility we will be readmitted. There’s a possibility his hemoglobin won’t come up and he’ll get a blood transfusion (outpatient). I wish I could do something for him in that area, but that one’s all on him, I’m afraid.

And there’s a possibility that things will look great and that means there’s a chance we can start going to our ped in Ankeny for weight/labs instead of driving to Iowa City every week. We shall see.


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