Last night, he cried and cried all night. They have the overnight feeds set at 20 cc/hour, and that might be too much. At the same time, it’s obvious that his Gtube site is hurting him, too, so it’s hard to tell what’s making him so miserable.

For feeds, today they decided to only “count” what he takes via bottle, and if he nurses, that’s just extra. He has to have 95 cc every 4 hours during the day. Via bottle. And then he can nurse on top of that if he wants to. Yeah, like he’s going to want to. He barely wants to nurse.

Which leads me to my current main source of frustration – he fusses, cries, and pulls away at the breast. It could be so many things, I don’t even begin to know where to start solving that problem, and the chances of finding a lactation consultant who has experience working with babies with renal failure on a feeding tube seem fairly slim.

It’s a frustrating day.


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