New Links

I’ve added several new links to the sidebar.

About Broviac Lines links to a page that tells about a few types of Central Access Lines. (Teddy has a single lumen Broviac.)

Kidney Disease in Children links to a page from the DHHS with general info about renal failure in children.

Feeding Tube Info is a page written for friends and family of children with feeding tubes. (Teddy has a G-Tube.)

Growth Problems with Kidney Kids discusses a bit one of the many side effects of kidney failure – trouble growing.

Kidney Failure and School talks about some of the school, learning, and social aspects of kidney failure. While Teddy will not experience some of these things, hopefully, because we homeschool, the chances of him having difficulty learning are greater than with our other two kids.

Treating Kidney Failure in Kids discusses some of the treatment options available.


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