The surgery went well yesterday. I’ve been busy comforting a sad boy ever since.

They were unable to insert the tube via laproscopy, so they had to use a relatively large incision (I mean, it’s about an inch, it’s not like it’s huge) to get the tube inserted. Because of this, they were able to install a skin-level tube, and that’s a long, boring story about the differences between the Mic-key, which he has, and the PEG, which he would have had if they’d used laproscopy. In the end, though I’m not happy that he has the big incision, I’m happier with the mic-key than I would have been with the PEG.


(the actual mic-key button is what stays in him – everything below where it says “lock”)

Right after surgery, they let me go back into recovery with him. He had been there for less than 10 minutes when I got there, and when I walked in a nurse was holding him and he was not crying. I’ve been really touched by how much holding he gets around here. They said I could nurse him, so I did, and after about 10 minutes, I noticed my foot was slipping in a puddle on the floor. yeah, um, they forgot to clamp his tube, so everything he was nursing was literally running right out the tube and onto the floor. Um, gross. But I need to get used to the idea of stomach juices and half-digested food, apparently. Yum, yum!

Since then, he’s been pretty upset any time he’s awake. We’re keeping up on the Tylenol which helps considerably, but as it gets close to time to give another dose, he gets less and less happy. Finally this morning, we had a good half hour or so of just awake and not crying.

He’s also been having trouble with puking. Not spitting up, but puking. I think he’s kept down 2 feedings since the surgery. Poor guy.

Because of the incision from the surgery, they decided to hold off on dialysis until Monday if possible, to give that as much time to heal as we can. So we’ll remain on the peds floor (where they don’t really say anything if he sleeps with me, yay!) until Monday.

Randy and the kids are coming over early today because of a forecast of snow, and we’re hoping against hope that we get a room at Rossi house today so they have someplace to sleep! I’m exhausted from being up all night with him, but so happy that at least I can sleep with him, so I’m getting more sleep than i would be otherwise.


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