G-Tube Surgery today; dialysis on Saturday

Teddy was admitted to UIHC yesterday, planned admission for surgery to install a Gtube. He has been eating OK by mouth, but is starting to have trouble keeping up with his needs, and it is apparently only going to get worse from here, most likely. It’s much easier to install the Gtube NOW, before he’s on dialysis, than after. (because the dialysis fluid goes into his abdominal cavity, and there can be problems with leaking out any new holes…)

He is in surgery right now, though I expect him to be finished up any time. I’ll learn what type of tube they inserted once they’re finished – apparently, it depends on whether they are able to do it laproscopically or not.

Then the plan from here is to rest and heal up today and tomorrow, then start dialysis on Saturday.

We were hoping to hold off on dialysis for longer, but one of the blood levels we watch – BUN – had risen significantly at his appointment last week, and it was 86 yesterday. (from being in the 50s 3 weeks ago, which is still super high, but 80 is about the limit of how high the nephrology team here is willing to let it go.) He hasn’t been eating very well, has been acting like he doesn’t feel good, and he actually lost .2k in weight. It’s just time. I’m honestly glad that he is making it so obvious that it’s time.

And while I wish we could have held off for longer, part of me is also glad that the waiting and dreading is over.


I should note, we’re on the regular peds floor right now. And I LOVE IT. LOVE. I can take him out of his room. Into the hallway. Into the parking garage. Outside. Yup. If I want to go get something to eat, I can take him with me. Oh my gosh, I love it. It was easy yesterday because he wasn’t hooked up to anything. Will be less easy after surgery today, but I think he’ll be sleeping a lot, so it won’t be as important. Also – they let me CARRY him down to the OR, instead of having to ride in the bassinet like they do from NICU. So, so nice. Had I been thinking, I would have just popped him in the pouch, lol.


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