New Plans

Just got off the phone with Teddy’s doctor.

Next week will be six weeks since his PD Catheter was installed, and at that point it is considered healed (or healed well enough anyway) that it doesn’t need to be sterile. I can start doing his dressing changes at home, and we won’t need to be back in weekly.

Originally, they were thinking that we’d need to, at that point, have a home health nurse come to do weekly labs, but now, since he’s been so stable, they’re thinking we can get away with NOT doing labs weekly. Wahoo.

Then, because he won’t be having blood draws as often, they’re thinking that his Broviac can come out. It’s an infection risk, and if it doesn’t need to be in, it’s better out. That means all labs come from his veins, which I’m not super enthused about, but we’re also not doing labs every week (or twice daily, lol) any more. So we’re going to try doing labs via a vein next week and see how it goes, and we have an appt with peds surgery to discuss, and we’ll decide. It would be another surgery, but outpatient.

I am going to ask about what will happen when he starts dialysis – if he has to go back to twice daily labs while we’re inpatient, is it worth keeping that line in for that?


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