Clinic Visit

Yesterday’s clinic visit went great! Teddy gained weight (yay) 3.26 kilograms.

His labs looked good again, and creatinine came down .2, so yay. We made some adjustments to his meds and that was it. All that worry for nothing. He’s doing better than anyone expected.

So, Dr Jetton said that she would hate for me to lose out on the ability to nurse him, so we’re going to try to find a place where we can keep him gaining weight but I can keep nursing him. To that end, I’m going to hire an LC to stop over and help us out.

We’re back next week, and they’re going to try to draw labs out of his veins and see how that goes. If they can get his blood drawn that way, they might go ahead and schedule surgery to remove his Broviac. It’s an infection risk that I guess they’d rather have out than keep using. Personally, I’d rather keep it in and save him so many pokes, but will admit that the idea of a tube in my kid’s heart thru his jugular, which I am responsible for maintaining, does make me a tad nervous when I think about it too much. We’ll see.


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