This week’s clinic visit

Well, this week, Teddy’s clinic visit went ok. Last week, his hemoglobin was 7.7, so they gave him an aranesp shot to help stimulate red blood cell production. (kidneys usually produce a hormone that does this.) This week, it had come up somewhat, to 8.1. They gave him another aranesp shot.

His BUN and Creatinine continue to sneak down, ever so slowly. Actually, creatinine stayed the same, but BUN came down a smidge. (BUN 55, creatinine 2.4). His electrolytes were all more or less in acceptable ranges.

The big problem was his weight. He didn’t gain hardly anything between last week and this week, which made the nephrologist nervous about needing to start dialysis, and the nutritionist nervous about his diet. However, last week, I had moved him to all breast/no bottles (of breastmilk). He just doesn’t have the stamina to nurse for long enough each session, and I had been concerned about it all week. I asked if we couldn’t just wait a week before taking any drastic measures, and I would go back to bottles of pumped milk, to make sure he’s getting enough. Nursing is work, the bottles are fast flow, so they require basically no work.

I’m pretty discouraged about that. Everyone keeps telling me that actually breastfeeding him isn’t important, blah blah blah. And yeah, I suppose. But this is important to me, even if it isn’t to anyone else. Not just because exclusive pumping means that approx. 1 hour out of every two is spent pumping, feeding, and washing bottles. Not just because it means that I have to get up out of bed and fully awaken every 2-3 hours overnight and spend that hour pumping, feeding, and taking care of bottles. But because, dammit, I want ONE THING that I want.


4 thoughts on “This week’s clinic visit

  1. Could you give him a couple bottles of formula a day and bf the rest of the time? Sort of a 50/50 compromise? Since the most important thing is that he get enough calories and that you get some rest….

  2. oh, i hear ya. I really really do. You do not have to give up yet. Weight fluctuates very easily with our kids (with any kid, really). It is not too much to ask to have another week. I still wish Evie could breastfeed, but I think for us, it’s probably not going to happen. After 8 months, I’m sort of okay with it. I still pump which I hate, but it’s something. It may be that you will need to do a period of bottling with only comfort nursing to get him to a point where he has the strength to nurse again. If you go to bottles now, it does not mean he will never nurse again. It means, you go a week and see how things are going. And then another week. Everything is very fluid, ups and downs with a child with special needs. Hang in there.

  3. Look into the Lact-aid or the Medela Supplemental nursing system(Sns). Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing what YOU think is right for your baby!

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