Clinic Day

Wednesday is our clinic day. It went well – he is gaining weight. Just over 2 K now. (yay!) His creatinine continues to creep down, and his BUN continues to stay the same. That’s better than either one getting worse. Electrolytes were starting to get a bit out of balance, so they messed with his supplements, adding some potassium, adjusting the sodium to compensate, etc. And he’s very anemic (7.7 hemoglobin) so they started him on weekly Aranesp shots, and added an iron supplement. They offered to train me to do the shots at home, and I was like, “hey, I used to give these to my mom, but she had body fat, and she was 50 and accustomed to shots. I would like to avoid sticking needles in my infant if possible.” And that’s fine as long as I’m headed there weekly anyway, but eventually I’ll probably have to do them myself anyway. But eventually, this kid should acquire some body fat.

I’ve started to monitor his weight at home with a scale borrowed from an awesome friend. I’m starting to get concerned about him because he’s been sleepier than normal, and he’s started spitting up a LOT. For example, this morning, I gave him some milk, then his pink antibiotic, then more milk until he was done. About an hour later, he was hungry again and I gave him about another 15 ml. 30 minutes later, he spit up a little, then a few minutes after that, he spit up the rest, down to the pink antibiotic. So i will keep an eye on his weight to make sure he is still keeping enough inside.


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