Teddy was nursing well when we left the hospital (though we were worried about him nursing enough, since he was so sleepy). Then he was on and off breastmilk the whole time we were in the NICU, and he was on bottles only, no nursing. I can’t tell you how upset that made me. So he had no nursing at all from 6 days until almost 1 month.

We’ve been working diligently to get him back to the breast as much as possible since coming home. He still has to have 100 cc of breastmilk mixed with protein powder every day, so that’s by bottle. And, knowing what we have ahead of us, I don’t want him to lose his bottle skills anyway, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

He struggled at first to remember how the whole nursing thing went. He still struggles sometimes to maintain a latch, sometimes his latch is completely terrible, and usually he falls asleep before he gets full. He’s not accustomed to having to work so hard! He will usually nurse until the rush of let-down eases up, and then he is just a bit too lazy to keep it up. He falls asleep and then wakes up hungry in 10 minutes or so, but doesn’t want to nurse. It’s frustrating, but I think we’re making progress.



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