Gave Teddy a bath to ring in the New Year nice and clean. Baths for Teddy are a bit different. His dressings cannot get wet at this point, and even once everything heals up nicely, he still won’t be able to sit in a bath with water covering both his bottom and his PD Catheter.

So he’s on sponge baths for now, and will be taking showers once his catheter heals up.

Um, neither of us prefer this method of getting clean.

Still, it gave me a chance to take some nice pics.


Preemie Prefold
So this is a preemie size prefold, and also a picture of how he has NO BODY FAT. Look at that skin bunching up on his leg! He’s over 6 lbs at this point…

The Broviac. Notice that mommy did a TERRIBLE job of rinsing off the Betadine during this morning’s dressing change.


3 thoughts on “Bathtime

  1. Hello! I noticed that you had looked at our blog:, so I clicked over to yours. It looks like we share a common bond in that our boys have renal failure. It looks like your son has two ports. What kind of dialysis does he do? With Blake, we do PD every night at home. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. Hang in there and I will be following your blog now. Take care! –Jamie

  2. I’m so glad I found this. While my son is not in renal failure, he does have double ureters with a blockage that has basically killed the top half of his left kidney. He was born on the 16th and we spent time in the NICU. They did the ultrasounds, VCUG, and next is the Mag 3 scan. He is scheduled to have his nephrostomy tube replaced again at the end of this month while they decide if they will go in and remove the dead part of the kidney. It’s all been so challenging and I find comfort in finding a similar story.

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